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Brighton & Hove through the ages

Explore the history of Brighton & Hove with this brilliant interactive timeline. Click to discover the changing face of Brighton, from 447AD to present day

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Brighton Marina Superstore and village square with shops and restaurants added, followed by flats and houses.

Construction costs far exceeded the original budget. Backers were reluctant to give further funding so the development stopped. In 1985 the Marina taken over by Brent Walker and led by flamboyant boxer turned businessman George Walker. He immediately brought in a superstore operator and developed a village square with shops

Quadraphenia filmed in Brighton
Quadrophenia filmed in Brighton

Mods and rockers fighting on the seafront, in East Street (outside the ABC Cinema) and the adjoining twittens (alleyways)—especially that next to 11 East Street, which bear commemorative graffiti—to a soundtrack by The Who (and others). Other scenes include the Waterfront Cafe next to the Peter Pan playground, the Grand

Brighton Marina built and opened

In 1971 huge reinforced concrete caissons each weighing 600 tonnes were fabricated on site and put into place by a giant 600 tonne crane constructed on site. In 1973 the final caissons of the West Breakwater were laid. By 1977 the infrastructure of the Marina was completed and the yacht

The Brighton Centre is built
The Brighton Centre is built

Brighton Centre, a conference and exhibition centre designed in a Brutalist style by architects Russell Diplock & Associates made extensive use of textured concrete. Did you know? Bing Crosby’s final performance was at the Brighton Centre on 10 October 1977. He died of a heart attack four days later, while at

Pathé Footage of Shops In Brighton (1970-1973)
Regency Square Underground car park built

An underground car park is built beneath Regency Square

Pathé footage of Brighton and Beach (1950-1959)
Pathe Pictorial Goes To The Seaside (1947)
The Hove Lagoon Model Yacht Club

Formed in 1929 and still very actively sailing model yachts on the lagoon today. There is also sailing and windsurfing on the lagoon.

The War Memorial in Regency Square

The War Memorial in Regency Square was erected to commemorate the 152 soldiers of the Royal Sussex Regiment who died between 1900-1902 in the Boer War. It was unveiled on October 29th 1904 by the Marquess of Abergavenny, Lord Lieutenant of Sussex. The memorial cost £1,400 which was raised by

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