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Digital marketing training

Maximise your 'effort to impact' ratio

Our training is jargon-free and easy to follow with actionable learnings to make the most of your time online.

We offer individual bespoke training and training for groups of up to eight people (mixed and or from same company) in New England House, Brighton. You’ll benefit from increased efficiency in the work you do, understanding the impact of your work and how to build awareness in your brand, driving sales and leads.

Say goodbye to the scattergun approach: sign up to GOAT’s digital marketing training courses – friendly, beautifully communicated expertise to make you more knowledgable and achieve great things.

Social Media

  • Choosing the right accounts for you
  • Making your profiles stand out
  • Saving time managing your accounts
  • Monitoring relevant conversations to drive sales / awareness
  • Pushing your content further with social ads
  • Analytics: Monitoring the impact of social media activity

SEO training – optimising your website for search

  • Search term research – how to do it
  • On-page optimisation – writing effective copy, appealing page titles and meta descriptions
  • Local search optimisation
  • Common technical website issues
  • Monitoring SEO performance

Google Analytics training

  • At a glance – the main tools you need to understand
  • Setting up tracking – how to
  • How to analyse the data and act on it
  • Using Google Analytics search data to drive your content strategy / design choices

Our digital marketing training courses

Google analytics training

Learn how to track your visitors to your site and understand the data behind your website and marketing campaigns.

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Social Media Training

Move from doing social media because you feel you should, to doing it efficiently and with a plan.

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SEO Training

Demystify SEO and ensure your business attracts the search engine attention it deserves

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Feedback on our digital marketing courses

Just come out of a great training session with Ben from GOAT. We worked through a detailed yet clear presentation tailored specifically to one of my websites to help me along the way!

Jonathan Harrison

Director at ActSmart, Act Smart

I recently attended a social media workshop where Ben was explaining the many benefits to be gained by using social media. I found his way of explaining this very complex subject interesting and informative.

Cheryl Whitwood

Membership Services Executive, Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

Ben’s workshop was excellently delivered, taking each medium at a time and explaining clearly and concisely how they all linked together with tools to make the strategy of using social media far easier to implement.

Clare Lay

Managing Director, LinkedUp Training C.I.C