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GOAT enabled us to build a solid working ROI model for the first time

"GOAT are very good at producing results based data, enabling us to make informed decisions" Harry Cole, Founder of Loom & Last

The challenge

Improve return on investment (ROI) on a mature Paid Search account.

What we did

Accurate insight into true return on investment is one of the most important factors for any company to understand when undertaking paid search campaigns.

Loom & Last, like most businesses, has several variables to consider when assessing how successful paid search is for them and it’s never a simple case of revenue divided by cost.

We added value by accounting for each of these variables within our custom reporting. This includes swatch (sample) requests for both bespoke and ready made curtain ranges and calculating how many of those turn into full sales at a later date.

We also worked closely with Loom & Last on a formula to work out how many returns should be attributed to the paid search channel i.e. not taking revenue reported in Google Analytics at face value, instead accounting for average returns on a monthly basis.

Taking these variables into consideration, we decided on a first click attribution model, based on the fact a significant proportion of sales come from swatch requests, where a user clicks on an ad, orders a sample and return to purchase. Equally, we also needed to track users who go to the site from a paid search ad, consider the options and then return at a later date to purchase – often through other channels e.g. organic search or direct.

As well as creating a robust reporting and ROI model, we have worked hard to make improvements to the existing AdWords and Bing accounts. Our first port of call was to analyse existing account structures and identify opportunities to improve efficiency. This included creating more targeted ad copy, fully utilising ad extensions, budget allocation and creating new ad groups to fill identified gaps.

At regular intervals we have performed in-depth location analysis, to ensure that ads were only targeting potential customers in locations most likely to purchase Loom & Last’s products.

Google Shopping campaigns have been improved by enhancing the shopping feed itself, from unique URLs for each product variation, through to improved, more tailored remarketing ads, to drive people to returning to the site after viewing the exact products in an ad that they’d viewed on a previous site visit.

We ensure the account remains highly efficient through regular communication to discuss spend and budget opportunities, or any tweaks to structure and targeting.

Facebook campaigns

We also set up Facebook advertising campaigns to dynamically re-market to people who had previously viewed products on site.

The idea here is to increase the amount of ‘touch points’ where potential customers can engage with / are likely to engage with Loom & Last.

The results

Robust reporting and ROI (Return on Investment) modelling enables informed business decisions

Our robust reporting and ROI model has allowed Loom & Last to be more confident with paid search activity, saving spend and hitting more accurate loaded ROI* targets as a result.

For Facebook advertising, we have achieved a 16:1 Return On Investment to date. It’s important to note that the main conversions have been assisted rather than last click, with Facebook playing its role in a substantial number of onsite conversions when part of multiple user interactions prior to purchase.

*Loaded ROI takes into account agency fees and click spend

What Loom & Last said about us

“In terms of getting to grips with how we measure and track spend – for the first time – I think it is a good as we’re ever likely to get it. It’s a good foundation; one I am not sure every company could build.

“It is obviously essential to be able to produce good data and be flexible enough to tweak and change it and keep track of all the changes that have been made etc. and GOAT are very good at that.

“We have a complicated business with swatches being sent out (for two different ranges), with only a certain percentage of them turning into sales. Working together with GOAT, we have built a solid working ROI model for the first time, which we can really start to work from. That has been a good achievement as far as I am concerned.”

Harry Cole
Founder, Loom & Last