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Quick-fire tips to boost your Twitter profile

6 easy to implement tactics to make your Twitter profile sparkle

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By Ben Robson

Co-founder, GOAT

Quick fire tips to boost your Twitter profile

1. Optimise your bio

You have 160 characters to play with, so take advantage of them. When people use Twitter’s search functionality, it’s your chance to appear in the search results for your company’s expertise.

Keep it short and snappy

What’s the key benefit of your business? Call out your ‘one-line pitch’ statement as to why people should engage with you.

Use hashtags in your bio

Make sure to include any relevant hashtags in your bio relating to your services e.g. #webdesign #weddingstylists etc. Twitter users can search hashtags/keywords in Twitter hit enter and it will show them accounts, people, tweets. linked to that hashtag – so using hashtags will make you visible in those searches.

Include your website URL

Include your website URL. While there is a separate field for this, putting your URL in your bio is important, as it allows people to click straight through to your site from their Twitter search.

2. Post 5-10 times a day. 3-5 of these tweets should be your own content

Tweet frequently. We recommend 5-10 per day, minimum, including RTs and interactions, with 3-5 tweets of your own content a day. Twitter doesn’t operate on an algorithm that allows older content to resurface, so frequency is key for visibility.

3. Use hashtags

Use popular hashtags with high-use volumes in your tweets. This will boost engagement by reaching people outside your follower base.

To find popular hashtags, we recommend using www.topsy.com, which will show you tweet usage over the last. week, month and all-time.

4. Monitor conversations for lead generation and brand awareness

Use Twitter search, or your social media dashboard – Hootsuite and Sprout Social are great – to monitor conversations relevant to your brand. A great search to monitor is ‘anyone recommend’; this will display all people on Twitter searching for advice around specific subjects. You can even search by location in your social media dashboards – to find Twitter users in your local area, if your marketing / business is focused on specific regions.

5. Retweet (RT) and @mention others

Sharing the content of others’ accounts will build goodwill between your brand and theirs – making it more likely they’ll return the favour in future.

If you RT a tweet containing content mentioning your brand, take it a step further and reply to the original tweeter, to thank them for mentioning you. This gives you an opportunity to start a conversation, boosting engagement and visibility.

Regular, positive interaction with other accounts is a brilliant way to build positive sentiment towards your business and position yourself as informative, helpful and friendly.

 6. Pimp up your header image

Use your header image as a call to action. It’s an effective tactic for displaying your latest promotion, a new product launch, your website URL, or phone number.

What other quick-fire tips would you add to the list?

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