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5 social media lead generation tips

Supercharge your social media usage and get the leads rolling in

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By Ben Robson

Co-founder, GOAT

Social media is a fantastic tool for building awareness of your brand and certainly shouldn’t be a used as an overly promotional tool. The reason? People will switch off if you keep spamming them with sales messages. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t generate leads from your social media activity.

Here’s our top five list of lead generation tips:

1. Use a social media dashboard and monitor relevant discussions

Check out Hootsuite and Sprout Social. Two relatively inexpensive social media dashboards – a tool that allows you to schedule your social media messages and track relevant conversations.

A good starter is to setup streams to monitor search terms, such as ‘anyone recommend’, which will filter traffic on Twitter and Facebook into a stream for you to monitor e.g. anyone recommend a web design company.

You should also set-up stream monitoring your brand name and keywords linked to your product or service. Once you find relevant discussion, send a friendly (non-pushy) tweet introducing yourself, services, or even a blog article that could help the person you’re talking to.

This is a great way to make potential customers aware of your brand and move them along the customer journey, towards enquiry and purchase… over time!

2. Join and contribute to LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn is great platform to increase awareness of your own personal brand and your business as a bi-product. Find groups with high level of numbers, and explore members to see if there are any you’d like to connect with. You can also send messages to people you are in the same group as – so it’s not only a great way to share knowledge with others and build goodwill – but a good opportunity to get a foot in the door.

3. Use Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising is incredibly powerful and offers cost per click far lower than Google Adwords. You should consider using Facebook advertising to promote your latest products / sale periods – to boost engagement and uptake.

Perhaps you’re running a social media competition and would like to get more people to enter, capturing their email addresses in the process.

Delve into Facebook advertising, set your budget and targeting and watch your promotions and campaigns skyrocket.

4. Explore Twitter lead generation cards

Twitter lead generation cards allow you to capture people’s names and email addresses, natively within Twitter itself. Simply set-up a promotion and target it towards your desired audience. You can target by a multitude of variables, including keywords they use in their tweets and more. Find out about Twitter targeting capabilities, here.

5. Blog and share on social media

Want to attract new visitors to your site and show off your knowledge and experience? Setup a blog. By blogging and offering knowledge for free, you increase the chance of attracting visitors searching for associated topics, while building trust in your brand. Trust in your brand breeds leads and sales in the long-term.

Blogs also give you a great opportunity to post original content on your social media platforms, while opening up the opportunity for other sites to link to your content (aiding your link profile and domain authority – positively affecting your visibility in search engine result pages.

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