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Affordable SEO services for small businesses

The perfect SEO package aimed at small businesses and startups
Only £1,495 + VAT

The perfect package to kick start organic growth

Digital marketing and SEO services can be unaffordable for small and new businesses. That’s why we’ve created our SEO package that for a fixed fee of £1,495 will set your business up for organic growth for years to come.

Ensure your website has sound foundations and any resource spent marketing your business online is spent in the right area.

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What’s in the package?

The research in the SEO package should help inform all your future SEO activity, it ensures resource is being spent in the most impactful areas and builds solid foundations for long-term organic search visibility.

Search term research

What it is – Research into how potential customers are searching in relation to your products and services.

Business benefits – The data you need to create successful organic (and paid) search campaigns, optimise your website content, devise a content plan and content structure that attracts visitors to your site by catering for potential customers’ online searches.

Data used to inform:

  • Onsite optimisation
  • Paid search campaigns
  • A content plan and content structure that attracts visitors to your site by filling any gaps in existing content

Website technical SEO audit/recommendations

What is it – In depth technical review of website from a SEO perspective, including detailed explanation and prioritisation of issues, how to overcome/implement, as well as recommendations for ongoing SEO activity.
We will also include recommendations about better ways to track and measure your marketing / on site activity.

Business benefits – Google has hundreds of ranking factors, it is important to identify and resolve any SEO issues that may be inhibiting organic visibility, as well as find opportunities to ensure your business ranks for a wider array of organic searches.
This audit identifies opportunities to improve your site’s SEO and focus resources in the most impactful areas.

Competitor content audit

What is it – Analysis of your two main competitors’ website content and backlink profile (links from external sites back to theirs) to find out what content works for them and use the insight to inform your own online marketing activity.

Business benefits – Increase relevant website traffic and engagement with your business, by making your site the ‘go-to’ place for content related to your industry.


You’ll get 3 deliverables (Search Term Research, Website technical SEO audit/recommendations and Competitor content audit) in easy to understand and digest language and format. We’ll also run through the documents in person or on a call (location dependant).

Total fee: £1,495 + VAT

This is expert SEO research and advice condensed to save you money.

The best investment you’ll make all year