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Our 2022/23 impact report

We are pleased to share our 22 / 23 impact report

By Ben Robson
Co-founder, GOAT

We are delighted to have been a certified B Corp for over a year now, one part of being B Corp is to submit an impact report each year. This report considers the impact our business has had on people and the planet to be just as important as any financial performance.

B Corp Impact reporting is a vital component of building a future role for business that serves society and the environment – to create lasting and durable prosperity for all.

The B Corp Impact report is designed to help B Corps articulate their journey of positive impact authentically and with evidence based reasoning, whilst also creating a dated record of action and progress that can be celebrated when recertifying every three years.

It ensures B Corps stand out from the crowd of traditional companies. You exist to create a positive impact for the benefit of all.

View our impact report here

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Our Trees For Life Grove

Our Trees For Life Grove

GOAT cares immensely about the future of the planet. We are striving to make GOAT a carbon negative digital marketing company.

With this in mind, we recently set up our own corporate ‘Grove’ with Trees For life, a leading conservation charity dedicated to rewilding the Scottish Highlands.