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Google Optimize, Data Studio & Session Quality Scores. Oh my!

A quick overview of the latest Google analytics and testing tools

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By Benedict Adam

Co-founder, GOAT

Wednesday was a good day for digital analytics and testing enthusiasts, with Google making several announcements around the topic at SMX East in New York City. The following is a summary of those new features and how you can start benefiting from them immediately.

Google Optimize

What is it? A free version of Google’s enterprise A/B and multivariate testing tool Google Optimize 360.

How do I use it? If you’ve ever made a change to your website messaging, layout or functionality based purely on gut feel, then you may want to run a few tests to ‘scientifically’ back your intuition up. A/B testing tools are perfect for that.


It uses visual editing, much like Optimizely and Visual Website Optimiser, with Google taking advantage of integration with Google Analytics and some pretty sophisticated targeting tools.


Google Data Studio (beta)

What is it? Google’s free reporting and data visualisation product. Make your Google Analytics, AdWords and more data look pretty and accessible, all in one place.

How do I use it? Been using Excel to report, Google Sheets with a plugin to pull in data, or worse manually entering it in from a variety of sources? Google’s helping you put a stop to that! Create beautiful dashboards from all sorts of data sources – impressing your boss and friends in the process (and get access the data you need more efficiently of course, but mainly, impress your friends and boss). Google will also be releasing a host of report templates next month, so keep an eye out for those.



Session Quality Score

What is it? A new metric that incorporates machine learning to predict the likelihood of a visitor making a transaction or enquiry on your site or app.

How does it benefit me? Use session quality score to provide better customer experiences and / or remarket to your most engaged website visitors.


There you have it, you can start playing with Data Studio now and wait with baited breath for Google Optimizer and Session Quality Score to be rolled out to you. Thanks again Google 🙂

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Thanks for reading.

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