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4 websites we're in love with this Valentine's Day

Websites giving us a warm and fuzzy feeling inside

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By Benedict Adam

Co-founder, GOAT

It’s that time of year again and time for GOAT to share the love with a handpicked selection of sites so lovingly designed and built that we have become quite infatuated with them.

While we can’t send cards, chocolate or flowers, we can at least show our appreciation of their beauty in blog format below.The websites currently giving us butterflies in our stomachs are:


Wave your bank bye bye 

It’s always refreshing to see the status quo being challenged especially when it’s the banking system. That’s exactly what TransferWise are doing.

Transferwise allows you to send money abroad with the real exchange rate, avoiding costly hidden bank charges. It’s from the people who built Skype so as you can imagine, it’s a pretty slick affair.

what we love

Transparent and fast

From initial page load you know exactly what the site is for and can find out exactly how much it’s going to cost you for your international transaction. No need to login, or even touch your mouse

Social proofing and trust signals

Again, without any need to move around the site, you have a link to to video explaining how the service works, authority and trust indicators and social proof and liking (from Richard Branson, Trustpilot reviews, The FCA and Skype).

Video testimonials

Should you scroll, you’ll find more information on the service and some of the slickest customer video testimonials around and about

More social proofing

Keep scrolling for more social proofing in a live transaction map of the world and further trust signals from well known publications

Simple form

The slick experience doesn’t just begin and end on the homepage, go through the process of transferring money and you’ll find it a breeze with clearly laid out form fields, position indicators and that trusty skype seal of approval, just in case you start doubting the authenticity of the service


Cheaper and cleaner energy, what’s not to like?

Inefficiency, poor service, bad tariffs and no transparency go hand in hand with many energy companies. Bulb aims to be quite the opposite and sounds like a breath of fresh air.

what we love

Clear and simple

Compare bulb.co.uk any of the big 6 energy companies websites and it’s immediately apparent how much simpler they have managed to make things

From the moment the site loads, it’s clear what Bulb do, believe in and quite how simple it is to join or switch (only your postcode being requested).

Simple and fast quote

Enter your postcode and you are then presented with how much you could save based on average usage in “your area and your local incumbent supplier.”

You can choose to carry on and get a personalised quote, chat to Bulb or go back and find out more


People are clearly at the forefront of Bulb’s strategy, both customers and their employees. Telling the story of how the company was formed, putting the team at the centre builds trust and empathy and helps get buy in

Customer service

A common frustration of large energy companies is the poor levels of customer service received. Bulb turns this into a clear USP and sets out to alleviate these concerns straight away with clear and concise information about their customer service

Nobody’s perfect 

One thing Bulb is missing a trick on here, especially if you compare it to TransferWise above, is trust indicators and social proofing, a quick Google search will see fantastic reviews that should definitely be prominent on the website

38 degrees

Make a difference from behind your keyboard

Launched during the United Kingdom parliamentary expenses scandal, 38 Degrees takes its name from the critical angle at which the incidence of a human-triggered avalanche is greatest.

It’s clear that for 38 Degrees, people are the key to making change happen and getting website visitors involved in campaigns straight away is the main aim of the site, something it does very well:

what we love

Impactful homepage
The homepage clearly communicates what 38 degrees is all about with a powerful headline and inspiring video highlighting 38 degrees as more than just a petition site

Social proofing
38 degrees incorporates social proofing with a live feed of people signing petitions, clearly presented stats of current people online, actions taken and current live campaigns

Easy to use petition form
When you click through to a campaign, signing a petition is made very easy with the only requirements being name, email and postcode.
A visual indicator showing the campaign target helps encourage signatures.

A guided process
As well as campaigns selected by the random 50,000 members each week, members can create their own petitions.
This process is a breeze with an intro how to video, clear position indicators and tool tips to help guide through the process.

Energy Saving Trust

Founded following the Global Earth summit of 1992, Energy Saving Trust was created for the promotion of energy efficiency, conservation and sustainability, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions and helping to prevent man-made climate change.

what we love

Clear and well structured content

If you are worried about the environment, want to save money on your energy costs whilst you’re at it then the Energy Trust does a pretty fine job of getting you started

Impactful homepage

The homepage does it’s job well and hits hard with an image of a happy child smelling a flower. Want the next generation to grow up enjoying planet earth? Then start taking energy conservation seriously

Well structured site architecture and navigation

The site is clear and well laid out making it easy for users to find relevant information whether it’s corporate, domestic or business energy concerns.

There’s plenty of simple to absorb and action advice to get domestic and businesses started in a well thought out and logically structured manner.

There we have it, what websites are giving you a warm and fuzzy feeling? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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